Content Strategy Services

Led by your business goals, I offer a variety of services from one-off audits to content writing to complete content strategies.

Remove the unknown
from your content efforts

I like to start my best client relationships with an open conversation about what your goals are, and what you want to achieve with content. 

Content Strategy

A deep dive diagnostic into your business goals to see how we can align your content to achieve them. After the initial research stage, you’ll receive a full plan of action and a suite of high-performing content.

  1. Research – a current content audit, persona research, user journey analysis, content gap analysis, competitor research
  2. Planning – mapping content to the user journey, SEO strategy, editorial planning, social media strategy, user experience
  3. Creation – creating content, content management, distribution and promotion plans
  4. Measuring – analysis and optimisation

Ask me about your custom content strategy.

Content Writing

You need content that converts visitors into customers. Not only that, but it has to reach the right audience in the right place too. Luckily, that’s my bread and butter!

  • Funnel optimised content
  • Conversion web copy and landing pages
  • Email & social copy programs
  • Blog posts and articles optimised for search bots and real people alike!

Let’s talk about creating your killer content.

SEO Services

Here’s to the time you’ll get back by knowing your website is optimised to be found on Google. I offer a full suite of SEO essentials to make your site work hard:

  • Keyword research
  • Targeting strategy
  • Competitor research
  • Web & content SEO audit
  • Metadata writing

Let’s make sure your website is found.

Conversion Optimisation

You’ve already optimised your site and have a steady stream of traffic to it. But is it converting? And what does a conversion mean to your business? And does this align with your business goals?

Whether it’s a sale or a newsletter sign up, I’ll make sure your site is doing everything possible to optimise for conversions.

Find out how I can turn those visitors into paying customers.

Website Audits

Is your site driving leads? Is it user-friendly? Is it fit for purpose?

These are the kind of questions I want to answer for you. With a deep dive into your web analytics, we’ll answer them, and make sure your website is future-proofed and aligned with business goals and KPIs.

  • User experience
  • Website structure and hierarchy
  • Conversion opportunities
  • Content audit
  • SEO health check

Let’s make sure your website is your best sales tool.

Want to find out more or talk about a specific project?

Let’s talk it through.


Run an agency? Want to offer clients something beyond the campaign? Let's work together to make content and SEO strategy part of your agency services.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still unsure if content strategy is something you should invest in, have a look at the most pondered questions below.

What exactly is content strategy?

Content strategy is a high-level planning approach to developing content that delivers on business goals. Having one ensures you are creating the right content for the right audience in the right place.

Is it really something my business needs?

Definitely. If you've ever made a video or written a blog post without really knowing what it's impacting, you'll understand. Put your hand up if you publish blog content because the calendar says so... 

Where do I start with SEO and keywords?

Search engine optimisation ensures that your website shows up in searches. To start, find out what questions your audience is asking. What problem is your product or service solving? Then check out the competition and talk to your customers. What words and phrases are they using? That's where it starts.

Does my website need a blog?

Your business needs a blog. Whether you’re a restaurant, a cleaning company or an advertising agency. You need a blog. Here are seven perfectly good reasons why.