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Customised SEO Consulting

Get an individual SEO coaching session and together we'll set your website up for SEO success.

Whether it's a run-through of the basics or narrowing in on something specific you want to address, you'll come out of the session knowing exactly what to do.

Is it for me?

If you are are:

  • Building an online presence for yourself or your brand
  • Responsible for growing and converting organic traffic
  • A small business, entrepreneur, or freelancer looking to attract the right clients
  • An agency building high-performing websites for clients
  • Anyone looking to grow more digitally and spend less

Then these SEO sessions are for you.

SEO consulting session types

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1. Something on your mind

Need clarity on something, or to learn one or two new things about the world of SEO?

This is a 60-minute session to go through some of your specific SEO questions.

Maybe you've already done a lot of the leg work and problem-solving and you just need help with a specific problem.

If you need in-depth help with something specific and some quick tips, this is the option for you.

Investment: €195

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2. The need to knows

A fly through the basics of SEO.

This is a 90-minute individual SEO training session where we’ll cover all of the basic SEO principles like:

  • How Google surfaces searches
  • Keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for
  • How to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting
  • Strategies to own and consistently rank for keywords with content
  • How to optimise your website using best practice techniques
  • How to read, understand and measure SEO data
  • Tools to help you keep on top of SEO

And we'll go through things that will be of value to your website specifically.

Investment: €349

How it works

During the SEO consulting session, we'll discuss SEO over Zoom. Before the session, I'll be in touch to find out what specific topics you want to go over, and get myself familiar with your business and website so that we're off to the best start for the session. This typically involves a questionnaire for you to fill out a quick SEO audit from me.

We'll both share our screens, and we'll talk about actionable ways to improve your site's SEO.

Read what others say about these SEO consulting sessions

Karolina Sieler - past seo consulting client

"Most digital marketing consultants I worked with in the past had their own vision of how they wanted to help me. They were not prepared to adjust to the fact that I already had a lot of knowledge about online marketing and just needed that extra support to fill in the gaps. Kim spotted that as soon as we started working together, and she was very flexible in accommodating it.

My session with Kim was the first session with a digital marketing expert which I left feeling confident that I could finally promote my e-commerce business effectively on my own. During the session I felt comfortable asking her plenty of questions ranging from SEO, blog post structure, pricing strategy and social media. She helped me to get unstuck and figure out how exactly to arrange my marketing strategy to get the best results. She helped me save a lot of money, time and energy by focusing my online marketing efforts only on the strategies that actually brought results.

I would highly recommend booking a session with Kim to anyone who feels stuck in their marketing efforts and struggles to set out a clear marketing strategy for their business."

Karolina S, 1stClassLLB

Ruth Riordan - seo consulting

"Kim was super efficient and professional, and the output has already been incredibly helpful! She 100% accomplished the goals that we discussed in our session.

We would recommend Kim to anyone embarking on a new website project to make sure it is working to its potential from the get-go."

Ruth Riordan, Dublin Dance Festival

Meet your consultant


Hi there - I’m Kim.

I’m a seasoned content strategy and SEO consultant. I work with B2B, SaaS, new-tech, e-commerce, education and specialised industry brands, creating content and strategies to achieve overall business success.

I help startups and high-growth SMEs to align their content efforts with business goals. And I can't wait to work with you!

Ready to level-up your knowledge of all things SEO?

Are you a bit unsure?

If you're still not sure and want to get in touch with me? Feel free to pop me an email at

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