UX Writing for a Productivity App

Content Strategy Specialist

Seque: A UX Writing Case Study

Seque is an app that helps people focus and get their best work done. As a productivity app, simplicity was key. 

My role:

  • UX discovery
  • Voice and tone creation
  • UX copywriting
  • Website copywriting

An app with a clear vision

The Seque team were building an app that helps people focus and work distraction free. The experience had to reflect this vision. 

My process

Translating research into insight

I worked with the design and product team to translate user research into user insights. Once we knew what challenges our user had, we could build an onboarding and app flow to match.

I created four user archetypes based on what they do, their jobs to be done, how Seque can help accomplish JTBD, words and phrases that resonate, emotions to convey, pace and tone.


Speaking the user’s language

The research indicated that people who need to focus and have problems with productivity use a similar set of words and phrases to describe situations and how they feel. I took this learning into the copy for the website and the app to create copy that would resonate in the moment.

UX writing - terms the users' use

Seque voice and tone

With these insights, I created a voice and tone guide that would inform everything else to come.


The result

The outputs were a user-centric website that prompts visitors to get the app to help with their focus and productivity. Within the first few weeks, the app was featured on the App Store.

Seque website copywriting

I know I’m biased, but Kim’s copy on our product made me want to download the app! Having her involved in the design and build process was invaluable, as were the insights she unearthed from the user research. We feel that Seque has soul now! 🙂 

Dimitris Niavis, Seque Co-founder and Designer

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See the app

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