UX & Content Strategy for Microsoft Partner Training

Microsoft homepage

Microsoft has a hand-picked selection of training partners who they work with to enable them to sell, up-sell and train in Microsoft products.

The challenge

The process was there, but the right learning portal was not.

The solution

We developed a path based journey for users and designed a new website for the Microsoft training programs that had a few very important caveats:

  1. There are three distinct course paths – Marketing, Sales and IT
  2. Each one of these paths speaks to entirely different people with very different end goals

So we designed a home page that above all, directed the user to the correct learning path. From there, the journey was seamless.

I worked with the design team to map out the user personas and their individual journeys, to create a new brand name for the website that instantly made sense for each persona in tandem, to ensure the UX was clean and free from distractions, and to ensure the copy on the site spoke to each persona’s pain point: how can Microsoft training help to solve MY problems? This was crucial.


Microsoft in course

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