Content Strategy for a Global Agribusiness Consultancy

Content Strategy Specialist
  • Sector: Global Agribusiness and Food Consultancy Firm
  • My role: Content Strategy, Copywriting, SEO

Project objectives:

  • Create a communication and content strategy to attract the right audience and drive quality leads
  • Spec out a high performing website that was easily found and visible, would convert leads and build a database of contacts
  • Create a consistent tone of voice to be used throughout the website, and in every form of on and offline communication

The situation

Farrelly & Mitchell’s business is in a particular space, with customers who have unique needs and consume niche industry content. Their communications needed to prove that they are the expert, and have the information, contacts and experience to help their clients’ businesses grow.

The challenge

Farrelly & Mitchell needed the following to be achieved:

Review and optimise:

  • The existing website design, content and layout
  • All marketing collateral – brochure, insights and blogs
  • Social media presence

So that we could:

  • Align corporate message with our services and needs of our target clients
  • Improve consistency and impact of our corporate message across all collateral/platforms
  • Optimise our current collateral – content, layout and design

Key ask: Optimise the website for ongoing generation of quality leads

The solution

I worked with the team to audit current performance and assets, and to create a strategy for improvement and continued success. I still consult with the client; overseeing all copy, content and digital marketing efforts.

My process

Research and discovery

Taking the time to research and understand the business, the customer, the competitive environment and the industry as a whole.

Audit the status quo

A deep dive into the current website and marketing collateral performance. In-depth conversations with business stakeholders and customer advocates.

Planning and creating

My findings from the research and audit stages told me that we needed to do four things to compete at the international level and attract the attention of this expert audience:

  1. A website redesign and copy update to position Farrelly & and Mitchell as experts alongside competitors on a global level. We needed a modern website and clear user journey that adhered to SEO best practices.
  2. Update all current marketing collateral to ensure consistency with the new tone of voice and proposition.
  3. Build out a content strategy outlining the how, what, who and where of content for Farrelly & Mitchell, with a focus on lead generation and marketing automation.
  4. Create a publishing, promotion and distribution plan that the team can take and run with.

Workshops and team collaboration

Working closely with the client and web design agency, I developed appropriate user journeys and refined information architecture. This gave us a launchpad to create wireframes and build a new website.

The project involved workshops with the client and the web design team to discuss the audience, content schemas, tone of voice, and which content to keep, update or remove based on a content audit I completed in advance.

As part of the redesign, I helped the client refine their brand voice, audit and update the current content and create new hero pieces to relaunch the website and drive leads.

Measuring, optimising, and continuous creation

I work with the Farrelly & Mitchell team on an ongoing basis to team to measure content performance, optimise where we can and to ensure a consistent flow of excellent quality content. This involves regular SEO and content audits, copywriting/editing (industry reports, blog articles, video scripts, social media posts and paid ads) and strategic consulting.

The result

  • A fit-for-purpose website that consistently ranks in first page SERPs for its target keywords and converts visitors
  • A future-looking SEO and content strategy guiding the team to attract and convert this C-suite audience
  • A unified and documented tone of voice that now underpins all future marketing initiatives
  • Hard-working content that positions the business in an expert light
Farrelly & Mitchell redesigned homepage - part of a global content strategy project

Note: Homepage has since had a slight layout refresh. Content and info architecture is the same.

Kim helped us to zero in what we needed to do to reach our audience and compete with content on an international level. She has worked closely with us to continuously optimise our content and SEO efforts. For three years we have trusted Kim with our content strategy and we will continue to do so.

Malachy Mitchell, Managing Director

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